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Main interface

RamCal is a perpetual calendar that gives the day of the week for any given date. It's a universal calendar that converts dates into the following calendars : Gregorian, Julian, Julian with Roman style (kalends, nones, ides), French republican (as well as a simulation of the continuation of this calendar), Jewish and Muslim.

RamCal main interface
RamCal the perpetual and
universal calendar main interface

You just have to enter a date in one of these calendars to automatically see the conversion in the other calendars and to see the day of the week for the Julian, Gregorian and French republican calendars.

You can choose which calendars you want to display :

Reduced display
Display of the Gregorian and Jewish calendars


Beginning of Gregorian calendar

RamCal allows to define the date of change from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar (the date of change of about thirty countries are yet configured) to immediately know if a date is a Julian or Gregorian date.

Beginning of Gregorian calendar
Choice of the date for the beginning of Gregorian calendar


Movable Christian holy days

RamCal calculates the following movable Christian holy days : Easter , Ascension , Pentecost and Ash Wednesday for any given year.

Movable Christian holy days
Calculation of the movable Christian holy days


Saints' days

RamCal can tell for each date the celebrated Saints and the French republican feasts. You can display the traditional dates (which means the dates used in the 19th century and before) or the present dates as we know them today.

Saints' days
Search of the calendar Saints


Minimum configuration

RamCal can be executed on any PC with Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP home and XP professional / Vista.


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