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Complete description

Main interface

RamMailing is a mailing tool to generate letters for institutions, civil services or other entities located in French communes.

Attention, RamMailing is only available in french version.

RamMailing main interface
RamMailing the mailing tool main interface

The mailing is based on a template which must be a document in rtf format ("rich text format" available on all word processors). This template contains tags which will be replaced by the communes data. Available data is :

  • Commune name (complete or without article)
  • Preposition to be placed in front of the name
  • Postcode

For example, to generate addresses for the Mayors of the communes, the template should be like this :


M. le maire %PREPO%%COM%
Mairie %PREPO%%COM%

This would give for example :

M. le maire de Neuillé-Pont-Pierre
Mairie de Neuillé-Pont-Pierre
37360 Neuillé-Pont-Pierre

M. le maire de Semblançay
Mairie de Semblançay
37360 Semblançay
M. le maire du Liège
Mairie du Liège
37460 Le Liège
M. le maire de la Riche
Mairie de la Riche
37520 La Riche

RamMailing generates for each selected commune (see below) a document similar to the chosen template. The documents of each communes are generated in a same file separated by break pages. It is also possible with special tags to put in a same document data from several communes.


Target of the mailing

It is possible to choose the geographical target for the mailing :

  • France : to generate a mailing for all the french communes.
  • Region : to generate a mailing for the communes of a region.
  • Department : to generate a mailing for the communes of a department.


Target of the mailing
Target choice for the mailing


Mailing filter

It is possible to filter the communes according to several criterias :

  • commune type
    • prefecture
    • subprefecture
    • canton chief town
    • normal commune


  • commune data
    • population
    • density
    • surface
    • total number of homes
    • number of main homes
    • number of second homes
    • number of empty homes

Mailing filter
Filter according to population

It is possible to filter a data by testing its value or by comparing it to another data. It is also possible to compare the ratio of a data to another data.

Mailing filter
Filter according to the ratio of second homes to total homes


Selected communes

Before generating the mailing, it is possible to check the list of the communes selected for the mailing generation.

Selected communes
List of selected communes


Minimum configuration

RamMailing can be executed on any PC with Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP home and XP professional / Vista.


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