Purchase of a registration key for RamVille software version 2.0x



Purchasing a RamVille registration key allows you to use the complete version of the software without any limitation. A personal registration key will be sent to you to unlock the software. You must not give your personal registration key to anyone. RamVille registration key is for use on a single computer only. In case of use on several computers, you must buy a key for each computer.



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RamVille classic version registration key




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Only cheques in euros from french bank accounts will be accepted.

Make your payment to the order of Rémy Pialat


Send this purchase order and your cheque to :

Rémy Pialat
19 rue du Querigut

31490 Léguevin



Other payment options


You can pay online with a credit card on the site http://logiciels.pialat.com/en/ (secured payment). In this case, you don’t have to fill in this purchase order because information is filled in directly on the site.